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Custom Molding Brochure
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The Plastic Injection Molding unit specializes in small-to-medium parts for high-speed assembly processes, caps and closures. Clients can work directly with our design engineers to develop specifications suitable for their product. Molds are made with premium quality steel and metal alloys that provide superior surface finishes capable of producing high volume, precision parts. Digital gauges, optical measuring systems, computerized processes, and a commitment to quality ensure standards are maintained throughout each production run.

• Custom single and multi-cavity molds

• Machines from 55-400 tons, shot sizes up to 43 oz.

• High resolution microscopes ensure sealing surface quality

• Optical measuring systems verify critical dimensions

• Gauges measure mismatch, flash and sinks to .0025mm

• Hot manifolds, controllers and robots

• Computer-controlled production

• Secondary machining operations

• On-site, state-of-the-art toolroom

• Special packaging, drop-shipments and warehousing accommodations

• Lean manufacturing controls costs

211 Cover, Tamp-R-Gard Cap, Round Top Piston, Compliant Piston, Decorative Cluster, CA380S0 Dispensing Tip