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Clayton Corporation 

Clayton is a full-service manufacturer specializing in the design and development of aerosol valves and plastic components for manufacturers around the world.

Beginning with the valve created for the first aerosol whipped cream, Clayton Corporation grew as it continued to design and manufacture parts for products in the OEM food, dairy, personal care, hardware and industrial building materials industries. A number of "firsts" (tamper-evident covers for whipped cream, compliant pistons for barrier packaging) were awarded patents and helped build our reputation for quality. Global manufacturers have come to rely on Clayton as the source for innovative product dispensing solutions. 

Today, Clayton continues to be at the forefront of component design as new materials and products are developed, applying the spirit of quality and innovation that has been its hallmark for more than 50 years.

VALVES:  specializing in nozzle-down dispensing for viscous and foaming products

PLASTICS:  small-to-medium, plastic injection-molded parts